Can I customize my pizza oven?

Customizing the appearance of different oven models according to customer needs is possible.

How can I place an order?

You can order through our authorized dealers; select the one closest to you on the map (map link). If none are available in your area, write to:, and we will promptly connect you with the nearest authorized dealer.

What payment options are available?

We offer numerous payment and financing options, including checks, credit cards, and wire transfers.

What shipping options are, and how long will it take to receive my pizza oven?

For the US, we ship within 48-72 hours via dedicated mode or LTL; liftgate trucks are available upon request. For countries outside the US, shipping takes approximately seven business days.

Is there a warranty on your products, and what are the warranty terms?

The Dragon has a 5-year warranty on parts and one year on labor. All other products have a 1-year warranty for labor and parts.

Do you offer customer support? How can I contact you for assistance?

Yes, we offer 24/7 customer support within 6 hours for major cities and response times within 24 hours for smaller towns. You can contact us through the form (service form link).

Are your pizza ovens suitable for home or commercial use?

For commercial use.

What are the differences between the various pizza oven models you offer?

Link to the models page.

How do I clean and maintain your pizza ovens?

All our products are service-friendly and can operate 24/7.

Can I see reviews or testimonials from customers who have purchased your pizza ovens?

Link to the dedicated references section.

Do you have an affiliate program or discounts for bulk purchases?

Special discounts and benefits are available based on needs; contact us to discover tailored offers.

Are your pizza ovens certified by any standardization or safety organization?

All our ovens are certified.

What types of power sources are suitable for your pizza ovens?

Natural gas, LPG, Electric.

Can I get spare parts for my oven if needed?

Yes, we ship spare parts in North America and Canada within 24 hours of the request.

How does the assembly of your pizza ovens work? Can I do it myself, or is a professional required?

A professional must carry out oven installations. Intervention by a certified technician specialized in Pizza Group products is necessary for the Dragon.

Do you have financing programs or installment payment options for purchasing your ovens?

We are affiliated with various finance companies that can meet all your needs.

Do you offer specialized accessories or tools for your pizza ovens?

We offer various wooden and metal accessory products that cover all your needs.

Are there specific recommendations for preventive maintenance of pizza ovens?

Cleaning instructions for the ovens are provided in the booklets included with each product.

Can I use your pizza ovens outdoors? Are they weather-resistant?

No, the ovens are built to be used indoors and protected from the weather.

How can I get information on local regulations and the necessary permits for installing a pizza oven?

Regulations vary based on residence state, so we recommend checking relevant government websites.

Can you effectively offer courses or online resources to use your pizza ovens?

Our website has a dedicated video section where you can learn from experts how to use our products.

How does the maintenance of electrical or mechanical components in your pizza ovens work?

Usage and maintenance details are specified in the booklets included with each product.